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The Life and Times of Drishti

  • Shockingly Delicious Vegan Sloppy Joes

    We know, it sounds crazy.  Delicious and vegan don't generally go in the same sentence (or same paragraph, or same conversation, for that matter).  But at a vegan potluck recently, the Drishti team discovered that, contrary to popular belief, veganism can be tasty too.  We love the idea of eating ethically, but flavor helps too. Continue reading

  • 4 Simple Ways to Become a Zen Master

    Rachel ZenIt turns out that to reap the benefits of being Zen you don’t have to commit yourself to hours of meditation. We have discovered that huge changes in attitude and outlook can come from adopting just a few simple Zen practices. These are the 4 S’s of mastering a Zen lifestyle. Continue reading

  • 5 Super-Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness

    Emily K Photo by Lerina Winter, Winter Creative Co.

    We don’t know about you, but we have been hearing the buzzword “mindfulness” for a while now. It is easy to get lost in the complexities of a new philosophical trend, but this one is blissfully simple. In fact, simplicity is the name of the game. Continue reading

  • 5 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Stress

    We love having an easily accessible reprieve in the stress-inducing modern world we live in. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, the best thing to do is to take a few moments out that are just for you: Continue reading

  • Go Slow

    Running slowly has been shown to be ideal for longer life spans.

    Continue reading

  • How To Fall In Love With Anyone

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, we all find ourselves in some version of the classic conundrum.   Continue reading

  • Gifts For a Yogi You Love

    As February approaches, so does the anticipation, excitement, and anxiety surrounding Valentine's Day.  Whether you love devoting a day to proclamations of adoration, or you deplore the commercialization of romance, there are always ways to enjoy the 14th.

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  • Mantra Monday

    Mantras can be a beautiful tool to center your mind, especially in our fast-moving modern culture.  The ancient tool of bringing awareness to your body and breath is one of the foundational principles of yoga.  One of the ways to achieve this awareness is through the repetition of specific meaningful sounds.  A mantra is a collection of sacred syllables that allow the practitioner to attain a deep level of meditation.  We like to begin every week with a reminder of the divine and of our intrinsic connection to it through the use of these ancient mental instruments.

    Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


    "May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering"

    This invocation reminds us that the greatest path to contentment is through facilitating the happiness of others.  Because we are all inherently connected,  there can be no true distinction between my freedom and your freedom, our happiness and theirs.  There is only the ubiquitous collective being, and although it is impossible to know every human on the planet, we are all affected in some minuscule way by every action, every smile, every offering of kindness.  Our intention to spread light and love at the beginning of the week will surely rebound before the week's end.


    To ensure a wonderful week for yourself, begin with this mantra and focus on ensuring a wonderful week for those around you.


  • Yoga Studios of Santa Barbara

    For local yogis who want to expand their practices, or visitors who need a reprieve on the mat while exploring our lovely town, here is a useful list of studios in Santa Barbara. Continue reading

  • Sitting Is the New Smoking

    Recent studies have emerged showing that a sedentary lifestyle is physiologically detrimental. We all know that sitting around folded up in an office chair or on a couch feels bad, but it turns out that it is actually directly connected to a shortened life span!

    1 copy Continue reading

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