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Harp Massage: Harping on the Best New Thing in Town

What could be better than getting a really amazing healing massage? Or how about listening to a private concert of live classical music? The answer is simple: Experiencing both at the same time. Check out this review by Camille Robins of what may very well be, the best new thing in town...

ZoeAnahita1Yogis believe that the body is an instrument to be tuned through movement and breathwork. With a steady asana and pranayama practice, we know that we can strengthen and lengthen the body, sensitizing it to subtle internal and external experiences. There are times, though, when our own personal practices leave parts of our body untouched – perhaps we can’t connect with a muscle underneath the scapula that refuses to loosen; with the bottoms of our feet that carry us to all our commitments off the mat; with the browline that can forget to unfurrow on busy days. When this happens – when fine-tuning our instrument on our own becomes difficult – it can be helpful to look outside ourselves and our practice for help. A skilled massage therapist can be the perfect person to consult at this time, helping us to address the things we can’t on our own.

Zoë Carter and Anahita Navab of Santa Barbara know this all too well. As certified yoga instructors who have professional positions within the healing arts, they’re aware of the powers and the limitations of the body. Together they’ve collaborated to bring people back into balance: through a unique combination of touch and sound, they create a space in which clients have the opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. Zoë, an Esalen-trained massage therapist who specializes in deep-tissue bodywork, massages clients as Anahita, a classically-trained harp player, fills the air with mesmerizing sounds. My recent experience with them was nothing short of transformative.

In fact, I think they’re onto something – something big. Zoë began my treatment with broad, generous, sweeping strokes as Anahita brushed her fingers along her harp strings, matching sweet vibrations to the mood of the moment. Slowly, my tissues began to open and my mind-chatter quieted, and I became more and more receptive to the healing they provided. They orchestrated a magic-filled narrative and pulled me into it, transporting me out of my day’s cramped schedule into a open, calm space. And when, toward the end of my 90-minute session, Anahita started a rendition of “Here Comes the Sun,” I thought, This is what bliss looks like – and feels like, and sounds like!  Yes, yes, yes!


I believe that massage can be a beneficial complement to any yoga practice: skilled therapists can open up closed, tights parts of our bodies with the help of our own active awareness. They can assist us in releasing tension we no longer need to store, and they can even bring light and openness into dark places. And when live musicians accompany them? Even more amazing. Zoë and Anahita’s practiced skill and uplifting energy produced a powerful experience – and who doesn’t want to be given the gift of being wooed by angelic tunes and waves of gentle touch?

To receive a special treatment from the duo, contact them via their brand-new website, Here’s to health, healing, happiness – and harps!

KLND0596 Zoë Carter, Esalen-trained Massage Therapist and Anahita Navab, classically-trained harp player.

This review was written by one of Drishti's favorite local yogis and writers, Camille Robins. Check out another awesome article that Camille has written for the Dristhi blog!

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