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Two Minute Yoga Shoulder Tune-Up for Wellbeing!

Hey guys! Here's a quick two-minute shoulder tune-up from your yoga teacher pals at Drishti. It's super easy and it feels great. Check it out!

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Imagine you are holding two water bottles in your hand. Got it? Good. Heheh. Now, rotate your palms to face upwards so that you are spilling out those imaginary water bottles behind you. (This is called external rotation for you yoga / anatomy geeks out there.)

Keep a slight bend in your elbows, and imagine reaching out through your elbows, to create a sensation of stretch in your shoulders, chest and possibly forearms. See if you can do this without lifting your chest so that the movement is isolated to the shoulder joint. Hold this move for 5-6 deep breaths. You can do it standing, or even sitting (like at your desk!).



2. Wall Clock.

This one feels super yummy! Stand with your right side facing any wall, like Megan here. Now walk your hand up the wall so the flat of your palm is on the wall. If you want to increase the sensation of stretch, start to walk your hand back behind you while keeping your chest still. You can also press your palm into the wall to activate the shoulder muscles, which is a great stretching technique! Take a few deep breaths here, then change to the left side.


We hope you feel nice and tuned up, yogis! Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Drishti

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