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How Do I Rock a Crop Top? Your Questions Answered

Crop tops are IN and have made their way into activewear. Besides the fact that the sporty-sexy look is SO fun, crop tops can also be great for really sweaty classes, ultra-sunny music festivals, or, (our favorite) to pair with high-waisted leggings and pants!

But what about the whole showing-your-midriff part of ricking a crop top? There are some immediate questions that come to most women's minds when they think of crop tops:  Is is socially acceptable? Do you have to have to have perfect abs? Am I allowed to show my belly even if it resembles a belly instead of a wash board?

Question: How do I rock crop top?

Answer: Put it on!

View More: a crop top is all about confidence and FUN. Basically, if you feel good in it, you should wear it! If you aren't so sure about it, skip it! There are tons of other great trends happening in athleisure wear and in the Drishti store right now. But seriously, the only way to wear a crop top right is to just do it!

View More: are beautiful and you can bare a lot or a little. In fact, a little sliver of midriff showing through is one of the looks we love. We love pairing crop tops with high waist pants for this reason.

View More: More:

We love high waist pants in general, but the crop top allows the high waist feature to show and to highlight the natural waistline which is much higher up than many of today's pants sit, which is at the hips.



So if you were hoping for a magic trick or a complicated how-to, we hope we didn't disappoint :) All you gotta do to rock a crop top is put it on and be confident! We believe in you if you do!


Happy Friday!



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