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The Yogi’s Guide to the Festival Galaxy

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Today's blog comes to you from Drishti gal, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic experimentalist, Michelle Rousseau! Michelle teaches yoga at Divinitree and also loves running and hiking. You can follow along with her journey on Instagram, here.

Summer is upon us, and festival season is definitely in full swing. Those of you hard-core yogis/festival junkies are probably well aware of the physical and mental endurance required for a 2, 3, and sometimes even 4 day festival (yoga, music, art, or otherwise).  With all the dancing, walking, headbanging, and cartwheeling, these events, while fun, can leave us feeling depleted.  If we do not properly care for ourselves during such long and intense weekends (and in general for that matter), we run the risk of overexertion, dehydration, and place excessive stress on our minds and bodies.

Thankfully, yoga and mindfulness are something that we can take with us anywhere, even the hot, dry, dusty playa.  Speaking from the experience of a seasoned yogi and festival-goer, there are definitely a few practices that are helpful to incorporate into one’s festival experience that serve to support your body and mind through an intense and exciting weekend.

So, read on for Drishti's 4 Tips for the Mindful Festival Goer! :)

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 2.02.51 PM1. Prepare some ready to eat food:

    • Having food that is healthy and ready to eat at your campsite, or in your hotel etc. is a great way to ensure you are properly nourishing your body.  It also is less expensive and ready to eat for when you are too tired to seek out greasy late night options.  My favorite thing to do is roast some root veggies, cook up a big pot of rice and beans, bring along some tortillas, maybe a marinated kale salad for burritos or any other combination of those items.


2. Hydrate allllll day:

    • Making sure you have a refillable water bottle not only cuts down on plastic, but helps you replenish all the water lost from sweating in that dirty mosh pit you know you spent a few hours in. ;)  I also like to bring a few coconut waters or mineral salt to make sure I am also replenishing electrolytes.  Emergen-C can also be nice in a pinch.

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3. Get into your body:

    • Whether this means bringing your yoga mat and rolling it out for just a few moments, or maybe an hour, in the morning before doing anything festival-related, sitting a meditation, or rolling out on a foam roller, reconnecting with your body and remembering to breathe mindfully is essential in order to check in with what you need to experience the day ahead to its fullest.  Let me just tell you, stretching out all those tight dancing muscles feels AH-MAZING.  Even if you just lie in some restorative poses for a few moments, your body will thank you.


4. Herbs, Supplements & Pro-Biotics:

    • Though I believe in getting nutrients from food and not in pill form, sometimes our bodies need a little extra help.  Think about bringing lemons/lemon juice, and chlorella to mix yourself a nice alkalizing tonic each morning upon rising.  It is also likely that your immune system will be impacted, and for this reason, a medicinal mushroom like Reishi might be a good addition to your morning festival regimen to help stave off illness and fight free radicals.  Another good idea might be capsuled pro-biotics or if possible, some kombucha to make sure your microbiome is in tip top shape. Bacteria cells outnumber your native cells 10:1 don’tcha know - you gotta keep those critters happy.  Multivitamins, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, or anything else you might regularly include in your regimen are also nice to have.

So that's it! Our four tips for Mindful Festival Going. Stay cool and have fun, yogis!

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Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your crew.  :)



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