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4 of the Best Men's Yoga & Activewear Pieces for Fall!

Vuori is one of our favorite men's activewear clothing lines for so many reasons: high quality construction, superb functionality, and maximum style. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite men's pieces for the season. We hope you find something you can wear and enjoy for years to come!

olive21. The Kore Short in Olive
The Kore short is true to its name - it is a perfect Core piece for all your active activities. Men love that it features a fantastic inner liner, and it made from anti-bacterial, four-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric that can tackle your yoga class just as easily as your run, gym workout, or surf sesh. Try it in Black or Black Universe, as well!






meshrec22. The Mesh Rec Loungewear Pantripstop2. (Right.) This is the only fall warmup pant you need! Made from a bit of a heavier technical fabric, throw this pant on for your early morning runs or wear them to the gym on a cooler day. You'll love this pant for your cool weather workouts, as well as of course just lounging around and looking cool.




3. The Ripstop Climber Pant. (Left.) This is the Kore short of the men's activewear pants world. It looks cool and classy enough to wear to the office, if your work environment is a bit laid back. But make no mistake - this pant is tough enough for bushwhacking and 5.10 outdoor climbs - hence the name! It's also movable and breathable enough to wear to yoga or the gym.




riseshine34. The Rise The Shine Vuori Logo Tee. We love Vuori not only for their high performance men's yoga and activewear selection, but also for their super clean and on-trend design. The stylish Vuori logo tee looks great with any of the aforementioned shorts and pants, plus it's made from high-end ultra soft cotton. We think you'll love it, Men!



Thanks for reading our picks for men's yoga & activewear for fall! We hope you love the brand Vuori as much as we do.



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