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Mindful Monday Mood: It's Okay to be Mellow, Yogis!

It's almost summer time and the living should be easy... at least sometimes :)

View More: are so used to buzzing around our day, moving from one task to the next, letting the nature of routine steer the ship. While there IS a lot to do in our daily lives: working, setting goals, taking care of ourselves, nurturing important relationships, shopping for new activewear clothing :) and all the rest - the importance of taking time to be mellow and JUST BE cannot be emphasized enough!

Take time to just hang out in nature, or with a group of friends without an agenda or time constraint if possible. When was the last time you got together with people just to hang out and relax around good conversation and/or good food?

Our bodies and minds need time to rest and refuel in order to perform in the ways we ask them to, especially those of us who lead active and faster-paced lifestyles. Balance is key to maintaining an energetic lifestyle. You eat nutritious food and do yoga and so many other things for your body and mind, so don't forget to incorporate this component too! There truly is an art to doing nothing.

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