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Summer VIBEZ in SB: Beat the June Gloom

Here in Santa Barbara, we are in the midst of "June Gloom" - but we can use this time to hunker down, work on projects and give a little extra attention to those things that you'd be likely to postpone if the sun was out and you just HAD to go to the beach ;)

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But remember, all you gotta do is drive over the 154 to get in full-on 90 degree sunshine. One day in the backcountry will leave you jonesing for the fog and cloud cover!

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As much as we appreciate these gray days, we can't wait til Solstice when it's summer for REAL, and time to have fun.

The longer, warmer days make us want to get outside and get upside-down... like our Drishti Ambassador Madeline Foster in this super cute Yoga Rx tank here. ;)

What are your fun summer plans? Travel? Staycation? Weekend warrior-dom? Extra yoga classes? Beach excursions? Hiking to the top of your fave mountain?

Whatever it may be... dream on, play on, shine on, yogis!


xxxo  -Drishti

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