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California Drought-Tolerant Gardens: Why You Need to Know About Sage & Willow

garden frontal imageYou probably know by now that California is in a massive drought. It is a time that asks all of us to become more conscious of that ways we use and/or waste water. What can we, as individual community members, do to help conserve water? One of the most obvious ways we can cut back is commonly overlooked: our yards! Lawns and landscaping account for some of the largest uses of water. Santa Barbara is blessed to have abundant natural foliage that happily grows year-round.  One need only take a walk around town to see that residents care about the beauty of their yards and properties, and the city spends tons of money keeping things well-manicured.

But all that beauty can come at a high cost to the environment and our wallets. Enter Sage and Willow, a locally-owned garden and landscaping service founded by two women entrepreneurs, Paige Minney and Stephanie Ranes. These professionals are passionate about beautifying your garden with drought-tolerant and low-water use landscapes without sacrificing aesthetics.

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From Sage and Willow: "We are based in Santa Barbara and serve the whole county into Ventura, specializing in California native plants. As a small local business we strive to provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance to you and your water-wise or California native gardens, whether it's a large hillside on the Riviera or an intimate patio downtown. We are dedicated to using organic and sustainable practices which promote a vibrant landscape and a healthy environment. With such a wide variety of native and Mediterranean plants to choose from, we can help create a low water use landscape, or give ideas on how to reduce the amount of water you already use."

Paige and Steph met while working at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens a few years back. With an instant connection around California native plants and sustainable landscapes, the two began dreaming up a business plan not long into their friendship. Fast forward a few years later and the two women are running a successful gardening and landscaping business in Santa Barbara, specializing in the high-demand niche of California native and low-water use plants for yards and estates.


StephWe love to see local female entrepreneurs rocking it! These two inspire not only for their brains and brawn (hehe), but also for a business that is so necessary and timely - our mother earth needs sustainable, earth-minded enterprises now more than ever.

Learn more about Sage and Willow and their services. We totally recommend them! <3



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