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The Art of Dying

What the heck is Savasana anyway? What a bore. Let’s be honest. I get my deep breathing going, I get my ujjayi in full swing, I get sweaty, I bend, stretch, fly, invert, possibly kick the girl on the mat next to me, possibly hold a handstand for a whole blissful half-second, counterpose, and I’m […]

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Mantra Monday

Mantras precede language. They are the sounds of the reverberating primordial universe. The question of their meaningfullness or meaninglessness is irrelevant. Their beauty resides in their indisputability. They simply are. And with this Tathatā, this suchness, a mantra is the perfect way to begin the week.

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Yamas for a New Year

January always forces us to think about who we are and how we want to live our lives.  Do we want to eat less pizza, do more yoga, be kinder to our friends and partners?  Do we want to travel more, read more, learn a new language?  There are so many possibilities, but, let’s be […]

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