TIME Magazine: Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food

hamburgerMost readers of our blog are well aware of the controversial issues surrounding food politics in general and the industrialized food industry specifically. (If you need a refresher, just check out the trailer for the movie “Food, Inc.” which we featured here on our blog back in June.) Michael Pollan, the food activist who authored the eye-opening books The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, has practically become a household name throughout a significant percentage of the yoga community.

It’s wonderful that many of us (yogis and otherwise) are hip to the food activist cause, but today we’re celebrating the fact that the venerable mainstream news establishment TIME Magazine just published a lengthy five-page article about the reality of the industrialized food system. TIME Magazine, guys! This is big-time. From the article:

The U.S. agricultural industry can now produce unlimited quantities of meat and grains at remarkably cheap prices. But it does so at a high cost to the environment, animals and humans… Add to the price tag the acceleration of global warming — our energy-intensive food system uses 19% of U.S. fossil fuels, more than any other sector of the economy.

And perhaps worst of all, our food is increasingly bad for us, even dangerous….

Some Americans are heeding such warnings and working to transform the way the country eats — ranchers and farmers who are raising sustainable food in ways that don’t bankrupt the earth. Documentaries like the scathing Food Inc. and the work of investigative journalists like Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan are reprising Sinclair’s work, awakening a sleeping public to the uncomfortable realities of how we eat.

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[TIME Magazine]

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