Announcing… Yoga Quiz Cards!!

Guess what!  We just launched an iPhone app called Yoga Quiz Cards!  Can you believe it?  We know, we know – there are an abundance of yoga apps on the market, so a new creation isn’t necessarily that exciting, but our yoga app is actually kind of cool.  It’s designed to test and expand your knowledge of yoga pose names – and that’s it.  It’s not a yoga class/practice app like all the others are.  It’s a great tool for anyone – yoga student or teacher – who might want to deepen their connection to the practice by learning the correct English and Sanskrit names of the poses.

We honestly think our app makes a great contribution to the yoga world by filling a need that’s not being met in the yoga app realm.  We’re pretty proud of our creation, and we think you’ll enjoy it too!

From today through next Friday, April 30th, if you download our app and then email us (email(at) to tell us a little something about it so we know you’ve truly downloaded it, we’ll email you back with a $20 gift code to our store!  Bye now!

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