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Drishti Yoga / Yoga Blanket Prop

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Yoga Blanket

These Mexican yoga blankets might just be our favorite prop of all. They're awesomely supportive in all your yoga poses - both active and restorative. They can also go with you to the beach or on a picnic, serve as a cozy cover-up in bed, or simply beautify your home. NOTE: Our color availability varies due to supply. Choose a color range when ordering, and we will do our best to fill your request :}

Color Ranges:

  • Grey/Neutral

  • Red/Orange/Yellow

  • Bright Green/Blue/Purple

  • Muted Green/Blue/Purple

Product information:

  • Fabric Content: 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton

  • Soft yet firm versatile woven blanket

  • Used to support the body in active and restorative poses