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About Us

Drishti is a female-owned and -operated yoga and workout apparel store that believes in people over profits. We hand-pick our favorite styles from the best yoga & workout brands on the market. We prioritize ethical consumption and research our sourcing -- for instance, most of our products are US-made. We'd like to see the end of fast fashion (when we're not shopping at Drishti, we're buying second hand). Above all, we believe the clothes you wear should make you feel good in your own skin.


Candice Davantzis

Candice owns Drishti. She was born and raised in sunny California. She planted herself in Santa Barbara in 2006 and has resided here ever since. In addition to being a yoga teacher, she enjoys the great outdoors, staying active in all forms (yoga, biking, climbing, weight training -- you name it!), and the occasional rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons.


Maddy is Drishti's beloved general manager. She likes to stay active by going to dance classes, getting lost in the SB foothills, or hitting up the local rock gym. She loves spending quality time with family and pals, as well as any combination of music, good reads & coffee.

Megan Michelle

Megan Michelle can be found frolicking barefoot in the hills, climbing mountains, practicing yoga in the sand, or reading in an oak tree with an avocado in hand. She finds connection and balance to her body and the earth, through practicing a holistic lifestyle in the wonderful town of Santa Barbara that she calls home.

Michelle Rousseau

Michelle was born and raised in NorCal, transplanted down to SB for undergrad at UCSB, then grad school at Pacifica where she is finishing her masters in somatic depth psychology. Aside from working at Drishti, she teaches yoga and loves running and hiking. You can often find her in the kitchen experimenting with Ayurvedic herbs and recipes as well as other plant-based creations.

Meghan Jackson

Meghan, a Santa Barbara native, has a huge heart and a deep connection to nature and animals. She graduated with a degree in psychology and works as a behavioral therapist for children who have autism. As an artist, Meghan expresses herself through her watercolor paintings.

Amelia Neal

Amelia moved from North Carolina to Santa Barbara to earn her B.A. in Studio Art. She now incorporates and channels that creativity into teaching yoga. The beach is Amelia's second home and the ocean is her soul place. If she's not doing yoga, hiking, camping, or getting messy with charcoal and water color she's off embracing her inner mermaid.