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  • How To Plan Your Staycation

    So many times in life, we are looking forward to the next great thing. Happy hour, Friday, vacation. Yet so often, when we finally get to that next anticipated place, it isn’t as fulfilling as we’d imagined. Maybe we don’t actually feel like a margarita, or we push ourselves to do too many activities on the weekend instead of unwind. And travel comes with all sorts of inconveniences and stresses of its own. Of course, these experiences can be rich and rewarding, and that’s why we look forward to them! However, it’s important to remember to stop and smell the roses too. (I mean literally, have you done that lately? It’s so simple, but amazing.)

    Here are a few tips for planning your next Staycation. Continue reading

  • Overnight Oats: A Life-Changing Recipe

    Overnight Oats: A Life-Changing Recipe

    By: Nicole Farris

    Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. After a shot of apple cider vinegar + honey and a big cup of chamomile tea, I sit down and enjoy this delicious, healthy, and oh-so-easy breakfast delight before heading off to a yoga class or settling in for a day of writing. In my opinion, overnight oats come pretty close to avocado toast in the race for most life-changing food. Continue reading

  • 4 Hip Openers You Can Do Right Now - Yes, You! :)

    Hey guys!

    We often think we have to wait til yoga class to feel better in our bodies, our minds, and our souls. But that just isn't true! There are plenty of things you can do RIGHT NOW in your body to feel happier and healthier. Check out our suggestions for gettin' into them hips on a regular basis. You will thank yourself for doing so! :

    Pigeon Variation - You don't need to wait 'til the end of a super sweaty yoga sesh to stretch those glutes. You can actually do a mellow pigeon stretch from the comfort of your very own office chair. Simply cross one ankle on top of the opposite thigh, just above the knee. Sit high enough so that you can lean forward just enough to feel a stretch. Bonus points: untuck your pelvis to get even more specific in this pose.
    Continue reading
  • Our Newest Line Nux Active!

    All of us here at Drishti are so excited to welcome NUXactive to our curated collection of the coolest, cutest, and most high performance yoga and active wear. Here are some of the reasons we love Nux already:

    NUXactive celebrates women. Women who exude confidence with effortless style. Women who are intelligent and socially refined. Women who inspire both younger and older generations. Women who are active - physically and mentally. This woman knows that she is enough - perhaps not always perfect, but confident that she is capable, knowledgeable and living her best life. Continue reading

  • Between A & B // Walking Meditation

    walking yoga clothesWhether you’re walking 5 minutes to your car, 20 minutes to work, or 40 minutes on the beach, walking is not only a great way to exercise the body, but it’s a great opportunity to practice awareness and meditation.

    When walking, we sometimes get caught up thinking about where we’re walking from or where we’re walking to. So one exercise that’s kind of fun and challenging to start with is to try releasing your mind’s focus or grip on these these two things (the A and B of your walk). Instead, try focusing on the space in between A and B. Continue reading

  • Yoga Bras: A Guide to the Best Sporty & Stylish Yoga Bras We Love!

    yoga brasWhen it comes to yoga bras, there are a few features that definitely matter – coverage, support, and style. Thankfully, at Drishti, we have an abundance of choices for you. We're sure you'll find something you love! Here is a guide to some of our favorites. Continue reading

  • Wellness Warrior: Talking Fitness and Fascia with Emily K. Benaron

    by Camille Robins

    There’s a woman in town who knows how to help you feel more at ease in your own skin, and her name is Emily K. Benaron. You might know her as the Ball Queen who leads classes in self-massage, as a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or bodyworker, or just as the warm, inviting person she naturally is. Recently, I sat down with Emily to find out how she built her multi-faceted profession -- and how she’s amassed and integrated so much knowledge about the ways bodies work. Continue reading

  • Joah Brown’s New RIBBED Fabric!

    Joah Brown has been one of our favorite yoga and lifestyle clothing lines for a long time. In fact, we are proud to say that we are one of Joah Brown’s first accounts EVER! We love them for so many reasons. They are based out of Carpinteria, CA (just a few short miles from Santa Barbara, where Drishti is located). Their clothing tends to be budget-friendly, while still being super high quality and always made in the USA. As a small, entirely female-owned and operated business, ethical consumption is extremely important to us. Finally, they’re just a super friendly and nice company to work with. :)

    Joah Brown is constantly coming up with new and innovative cuts, colors, and textures: for example, check out the 100% French Terry Army Green Grunge Cut Off, here. But one of our absolute FAVORITE new fabrics that Joah is making is their ultra-soft and comfy ribbed fabric. And who doesn’t love the retro look and feel of ribbed longsleeves, tanks, and tees?

    Check out some of our fave new Joah Brown ribbed pieces, featured below. Continue reading

  • Drishti Manager Candice Teaching New Class At Yoga Soup!

    candice davantzis The beloved Candice Davantzis!

    Our beloved Drishti General Manager Candice is teaching a new yoga class at Yoga Soup in downtown Santa Barbara, and we thought you'd like to KNOW! It's called Level 1 Lunch Break and it takes place every Tuesday & Thursday from 12:30-1:45pm.

    This class is set at a mellow pace, and is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. To learn more about Candice's style of teaching, we sat down and talked with her a little bit about her teaching philosophy.

    How long have you been teaching / doing yoga?

    I have been doing yoga for 8 years, and teaching for almost as long. I was a very enthusiastic beginner and dove right in to my first teacher training in 2010. I don't regret it one bit. :) Continue reading

  • California Yoga Culture, from Santa Barbara to San Francisco

    The author at Yoga Garden yoga studio in San Francisco

    by Camille Robins

    Traditional yoga is thousands of years old, but around the world people practice countless modern-day variations. Different styles have developed and evolved over time, and I’ve found that yoga culture varies from place to place – from country to country, certainly, but even from city to city. Continue reading

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