October 22, 2015

Happy Endless Summer Guys!

For most of us in Southern California, we are still very much in the midst of a summer heat wave.  And it being late October and all, this may begin to have one of many different effects on you.

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 10.32.02 AMEndless Summer.


  • You are STOKED because you LOVE being in the sun, on the beach, and in the waves. You love smoothies, watermelon and wearing your bikini into the grocery store and it not being weird :)
  • You are worried because the intense heat isn't so hot for the environment and the wildlife both above and below the water (high ocean temps are promising a strong El Nino year as well!). Climate change is scary, and the drought is only getting worse. :(
  • Your body is ready for cool temps and some... weather maybe?

Well, we are right there with you. And, luckily - we have some great tips to offer you to help you survive and thrive in this extended heatwave.

1)  Tone down your yoga practice a bit to include some restorative poses to help cool and calm the body. Or, if you want to keep your strong sweaty practice in a groove, try practicing at either sunrise or sunset to allow the body to build heat safely during your practice, without overheating.

2)  Its time to sport some short shorts, because in heat like this, less is definitely more :) Check out the Onzie Studio Short or the Electric Lines Booty Short by Hardtail.  We highly recommend these for practice and for life!

3)  Consumer cooling foods and liquids like this awesome detoxifying watermelon/cucumber/mint water or a veggie smoothie to keep your inner temp down and stay energized. Sometimes the heat can lessen our appetite so we want to make sure that we are still getting all our nutrients and sufficient protein!

4)  Now is a grrrreat time to try paddle board yoga. Try out our friend Morgan's company, if you're in SB!

5)  Evaluate how you can help reduce your personal water usage - Can you skip a car wash or two? Take a slightly shorter shower? Shop for items that are less water intensive to grow/produce?  Get educated and BE the change!

We hope you enjoy these tips and let us know if you have any of your own that we can share with the Drishti community. Leave your comments below!

Stay Cool, Drishti