February 14, 2016

As many yogis and seekers know, finding a community and space in which to practice and JUST BE is so important for growth and personal awakening. Santa Barbara is an incredible place to cultivate health and mindfulness, and many locals would agree that Yoga Soup,one of the longest-standing yoga studios in town, is one of the best places to do so. Yoga Soup has been a sanctuary, a gathering place, and a hub for expression and personal growth since it was opened ten years ago.

In honor of all that Yoga Soup has been to our community and to all those who have passed through, we want to show our love and support extending a BIG Congratulations to YOGA SOUP for its TEN YEARS of life and breath!




This special yoga studio and community sanctuary is owned by Eddie Ellner, a man known for his way with words, and flair for progressive, at times controversial philosophical ideas which he shares with his students in what many may perceive as an unconventional yoga class. The truth is that Ellner's classes are rooted strongly in the very core of yoga: Utilizing the breath and letting go of the bullsh*t. Eddie grew the studio from the extraordinary popularity of his yoga class by the same name that he began teaching years before the studio ever opened.

What many don't know  is that there is a cool old school connection between Eddie Ellner and Drishti! Eddie actually helped Jenni Rawlings, owner of Drishti, open the boutique some 14 years ago. Not long after its opening, Eddie transitioned on to open Yoga Soup, taking his teaching to its next level in a full-blown studio of his own. But how cool is it that Yoga Soup and Drishti were intertwined way back when?! WE LOVE IT! Yoga Soup yogis were definitely some of the first to shop at Drishti and we are so grateful for it. Both yoga culture and yoga clothing has changed a lot since then, but the two have always been in-cahoots.


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.18.27 AM

Yoga Soup is one of our favorite yoga studios in Santa Barbara and we can't imagine the past decade without it!

eddies class


Thanks for everything these past 10 years, YOGA SOUP !!!


xoxoxo  -The Drishti Team