December 16, 2015

The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year because it's a time to celebrate and be with friends and loved ones. With the days getting shorter as we near the Winter Solstice, this is traditionally a time for slowing down, hibernation and introspection - but really, who has time for that with all the fun holiday parties and hustle-bustle-deck-the-halls madness? Might we suggest these simple but restorative and rejuvenating 3 tips that together, create an hour-long self care practice. This holiday season, set the intention to give yourself the gift of self-care.


Start by carving out at least an hour for yourself. Begin the hour with mindfulness and intention: turn off your phone, turn on your favorite mellow playlist, and light some candles. Then, clear the air with some Palo Santo, or a spritz or two of our Opas rose spray (available in boutique).


1. Bath Rejuvenation Ritual with Opas Soap

We hope you have a bathtub at home - but if you don't, we're sure you can make a foot bath out of any container you might have lying around. :) Either way, draw a warm bath and let yourself soak with some epsom salts + a few drops of your favorite essential oil. We’ve been digging frankincense essential oil by Opas Soap. This essential oil is known for relieving stress and anxiety, is anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system. Combine with some soothing oatmeal soap by Opas Soap. While you hang in the tub, try a healing and detoxifying Kelp & Spirulina clay mask. For dry skin, add some honey to the mask! All of our Opas Soap products are available in our Santa Barbara boutique.

2. Self-Massage for Self-Care Bliss

Follow-up your bath time with an Ayurvedic abhyanga oil self-massage with our locally made Real Bodyworks massage cream. Made with olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils, this product is so natural, you can eat it! Moving in circular strokes, give your body some serious love from head to toe. As your own personal masseuse, you can apply the perfect amount of pressure and pay special attention to those achy muscles and joints. This practice is wonderful for increasing circulation, decreasing stress and connecting with yourself.

3. Restorative Yoga for Melting Stress Away

michellebaddhaOur Drishti gal Michelle relaxing in baddha konasana.

Get cozy and cuddly with some unbelievably soft sweatpants by Beyond Yoga, grab an eye pilllow, and snuggle up in one of our go-to restorative poses: baddha konasana! For this pose, put some extra padding down on top of your yoga mat, and take a rectangular bolster lengthwise to support your spine. Make a pillow to support your neck with an additional blanket laid across the top part of the bolster. Recline back, and open your knees out wide with your feet touching (if you have sensitive knees, feel free to support your knees with blocks or pillows, or simply straighten your legs). Become aware of anywhere you might still be holding tension and allow yourself to deliberately release. Let your body melt, and allow your breath to be soft and sweet.


Now that you have discovered the delights of self-care, be sure to incorporate these techniques into your routine all winter long!


Thanks for taking care of yourself. Happy holidays from the Drishti gang!

Love, Drishti