July 26, 2015

We all know that the foods we eat are digested, metabolized, and become the building blocks of our bodies and source of our energy. You choose the foods that eventually become your physical body.

For most of us, our daily food choices are generally a mixed bag of what we want to eat, what we believe we should eat, and what’s available. For better or worse, we have an enormous range of options when it comes to diet. Our grocery stores, restaurants and markets are abundant year round. On top of that, we live in a time and place when nutrition information is prolific and conflicting. There are experts claiming the silver bullet to health is found in a given diet: from paleo to vegan and everything in between. For every nutritional study there seems to be an equal and opposite study. When it comes to diet, we’re inundated with options.

So how do you choose which foods are best for you? What is involved in that daily decision making process?

Who and how you are, your habits, your levels of joy, stress and pain, your lifestyle, your preferences, your circumstances, the quality of your relationships, your thoughts; all of these things influence what you choose to eat and how well you are able to digest, metabolize and assimilate that food on any given day. Even if you were to choose the highest quality, healthiest food on the planet, if you were stressed and depressed, your body would not be able to fully digest that food effectively and assimilate all of the available nutrients. For example, when you are stressed, your body releases chemicals that put the body into fight or flight mode which actually hinders digestion and on a chemical level.

nata table

For decades the health industry has advanced the field of nutrition and diet by studying food. We, as a collective, now know a whole lot about calories, carbs, vitamins and fats but that knowledge has seemingly failed to serve us. Our country has collectively become more sick, tired and overweight. We continually point the finger back at the individual with the assumption that diet and will power are the royal road to weight loss. But if years of dieting and will power aren’t working for you, then I’m here to say, It’s perfectly normal that it's not working for you.

It’s time to try a new way. It’s time to try the path of pleasure, peace and ease with your food and your body.

coconut lemon cream w. oat-thyme

Intuitive Nutrition is an approach to diet that shifts the focus away from the food and on to the eater. It looks at YOU, a beautifully complex and unique individual, to determine what you need to feel vital and healthy. This approach incorporates your whole being, from mindset and physiology to lifestyle and preferences. And it requires you to choose positivity, relaxation, pleasure and love as a starting point because you will never successfully shame, blame, restrict, or deprive your body into radiant, vibrant health.

Imagine confidently choosing your food each day from a place of knowing your own body, mind and soul. Imagine trusting your inner wisdom to tell you what you need and how to nourish yourself. Imagine consistently choosing those things because you deeply love and care for yourself.


This is the path of Intuitive Nutrition, and I invite you to join me on it.


About the Author:


Natalie Diane is a Holistic Personal Chef, Intuitive Nutrition Consultant and Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She offers one-on-one coaching to address undesirable eating habits and cultivate deeper intimacy and connection with self and others. She has a passion for working with relationship dynamics, BodyLove, intuitive nutrition and radically honest communication to make life more playful, meaningful, pleasurable and fun.