January 27, 2015

As February approaches, so does the anticipation, excitement, and anxiety surrounding Valentine's Day.  Whether you love devoting a day to proclamations of adoration, or you deplore the commercialization of romance, there are always ways to enjoy the 14th.
Did you know that in Finland, Valentine's Day is celebrated as Ystävänpäivä, which means Friend's day in Finnish.  So, do it like the Finnish and show your friends how much you appreciate them!
If you are a V-Day enthusiast looking to lavish your partner in sweet gifts, and she happens to be a yogini, we have some suggestions from us for you (and all under $80!)
We hope you find our suggestions useful, and if you need other ideas, let us know and we will be sure to come up with more.  Here in Santa Barbara we love romantic mountain-top picnics, watching the spectacular vibrant winter sunsets from above the beach, Farmer's Market fresh cut flowers, and trips up the coast to Big Sur.  And most of all, February is a reminder that love is all around, love for ourselves, love for our sometimes-infuriating but mostly-endearing families, love for the earth, and love for the hundreds of anonymous strangers who make up our periphery.  We at drishti certainly have love for you!

Valentine's Day Yogini Gifts

1. Om Shanti's Tie Dye Pink Dragon Power Pant

We are sure that no matter how trendy a yogi she is, she won't already have these. Om Shanti's newest prints are fiery and fascinating, and their flattering fit is very popular with printed legging aficionados.

2. Skidless Yogitoes Mat Towel

A mat towel is a must-have for any lover of hot yoga, and a great general accessory to alleviate drifting in dolphin pose or slipping in salamba sarvangasana.

3. Om Shanti's Arizona Rock Climbing Sandstone Power Pant

We love the vivid hues on this pant that is perfectly colored for Valentine's Day! We also love the idea of remembering how much you are loved while getting a glimpse of your new leggings in down dog.

4. Cherry Blossom Mat Bag

This cute and trendy yoga mat bag makes lugging around an unwieldy and sweaty mat into a fashionable endeavor. And it's roomy enough for a water bottle, mat towel, keys, or whatever else you need!

5. Silk Zafu Meditation Cushion

For a little at-home mental yoga, a beautiful silk zafu will make anyone a bit more motivated to meditate. A perfect gift for anyone who is lagging on their New Year's Resolution to meditate more.

6. Hard Tail Supplex Flat Waist Capri

Sometimes it is nice to feel pretty in pink. We love this captivating color that is perfect for Valentine's Day! Hard Tail also makes an ideal work-out fabric that stays soft while wicking sweat throughout any exercise routine.