Go Slow

February 04, 2015

Running slowly has been shown to be ideal for longer life spans.

New studies are showing that we don’t have to run as fast as we think in order to benefit from the exercise! This is a huge relief for those of us who obsessively check our run tracker during and post-run to see how our time is.

It turns out, however, according to researchers in Copenhagen, that a slower running pace is correlated to a longer life!

Researchers compared people who did not exercise, to joggers who ran a variety of distances weekly at a variety of paces for the past 14 years. What they found is that, for a longer life, jogging between 1 and 2.4 hours weekly is best. They suggested that the pace be “slow.”

Shockingly, the research indicated that fast, strenuous runners had comparable mortality rates to non-exercisers!

So get up and run, but slowly.

Check out the scenery, breathe, feel your feet on the asphalt, and let the speed-racers fly by you.

We’ll see you out there.