January 19, 2016

Many of us who are interested in healthy living, yoga, and nutritious food, know about the benefits of incorporating fresh vegetable juices into our diets. Green juices are all the ragethese days and with good reason - they provide a pure dose of vitamins and minerals. While a nice cold green juice sounds refreshing in the spring and summer time, what does a veggie-juice-loving-health-nut do in the colder winter months? The answer is, SOUP! Super nourishing and warming - sure to help keep your body nourished, calmed and energized!

If you want a soup that has a heartier base, try this recipe forCurried Chickpea and Kale Soup - It is delish!

Here are five great reasons to SOUP instead of JUICE through the winter and early spring months - PLUS! a few soup recipes that we think you'll love - they are just souperb!


This recipe for Curried Carrot Coconut Soup has good fats, a bit of sweet and hint of spice - totally divine!

1) Juicing for more than a few days can slow down your metabolism quite a bit. When the fiber is removed from the veggies, the metabolism has little to do, so it takes a chill pill!

2) Whether you are cleansing or simply adding more nutrition to your diet, you will likely feel much less hungry when you consume soup as opposed to juice. The warmth and thickness that soup provides leaves the body and mind feeling more satisfied.

3)  Unless you juice yourself, many of the juices on the market, even green juices, often have fruit juice added to them, which can spike your blood sugar levels like crazy.


Nourishing Tomato Soup - recipe found at PaleoLeapNourishing Tomato Florentine Soup - recipe found at PaleoLeap

4) Soups are a great way to incorporate fresh herbs into your diet, all of which have health benefits that help strengthen and purify the body in subtle ways.

5) Soups are easy to make, filling, and nutritious - need we say more?

Butternut squash soup is always good but when you add coconut milk, turmeric and sage, things get leveled up real. We found it on The Green Life.

Check out the images here that include links to a few soups that we adore. We chose all blended vegetarian soups because they are easy to make and great for cleansing too because they are so easy to digest.

Happy Souping everyone!

xxxo  -Drisht