December 15, 2014

Here are some treats for the heat-addicted yogi.  Whether they love Bikram or a classic hot power flow class, having the right gear will bring the experience from endurable to enjoyable.

1. Hard Tail Supplex Cross-Back Tank 

We love the gift of supplex!  Most people look for this type of fabric at Lululemon, but Hard Tail has mastered the moisture-wicking, breathable workout fabric.  And this top is sooo flattering!

2. Manduka eQua Non-Slip Towel 

A good non-slip towel is absolutely vital in the heated studio.  No matter how excellent your mat is, a good sweaty sequence requires a good sweat resistant towel.  Slipping around mid-vinyasa is the worst, and the eQua Towel ensures against it.

3. Hard Tail Electric Lines Bootie Short 

Less is more in hot yoga.  Everyone has seen a scantily clad Bikram yogi (and been jealous that they weren't that brave).  With these bootie shorts we can be brave too and look cute while doing it.

4. Herban Essentials Towelettes 

The least glamorous part of hot yoga is, let's be honest, the smell.  With these fragrant towelettes, even a sweaty yogi will be transformed into a citrusy meadow.  We love wiping down our yoga mats with these towelettes after a particularly grueling session.

5. Joah Brown Soleil Cardigan 

The best way to end a sweaty yoga class is by throwing a cute cardi over your tired body.  This long drapey piece will keep the half-naked hot yogi warm when she emerges into the cold outside air.