December 21, 2014

Printed leggings are the easiest and cutest holiday gift.  Here are a few of our faves that we bet she doesn't already have.

From left to right:

1. Onzie's High Waisted Polka Dotted Legging

We are obsessed with the new high waisted yoga legging trend. Part of us wonders why leggings were ever made without a high waist? Onzie has perfected the look and feel of the high rise. In addition to looking super flattering, the added inches of waist band hug your stomach comfortably. And finally, we love not having to worry about lifting up our arms in tree pose and showing off our stomachs to the whole studio, or, worse, about the ever-present dangerous possibility of our pants falling down! These flattering pants conquer our fear.

2. Teeki's Choose Roses Hot Pant

We think that this is the cutest and wildest print that hasn't already been over-worn. In fact, we have only ever seen it locally on a super trendy yoga teacher, so if you are looking for a last minute gift for a yoga girl who seemingly has it all, we dare to bet she doesn't yet have these.

3. Om Shanti's Arizona Rockclimbing Sandstone Green Power Pant

Om Shanti is so new on the scene that most yogis have not yet been introduced to their vibrant and captivating prints. Everybody loves discovering a new brand of leggings that is not only well-made and well-fitting but also kaleidoscopically cool looking. Sometimes we worry that the yogi on the mat next to us might get distracted by these vivid hues, but we just hope they appreciate the extra challenge ;-) Gift these to a creative and quirky yogi who already has a closet full of Onzie and Teeki.

4. Teeki's Pixie Rose Hot Pant

Does it seem like we are obsessed with Teeki's rose prints? What we love about Teeki is how they make such diverse prints out of similar themes. While the Choose Roses Hot Pant is tribal, geometric, funky, and brightly colored, this newer twist on the rose theme is soft and subtle. These are the perfect gift for the yogi who is taking her first tentative steps into the world of printed leggings. Part of her wants it, part of her just isn't sure if she is ready to join the colorful horde of florescent yoginis. The Pixie Rose attains the ideal balance of subtlety and sensation. The perfect intro to a whole new way of wearing.