February 28, 2016

Ok, ok, so we are still *technically* in the midst of winter, but spring is truly just around the corner! Spring for many of us means, temperamental weather: crisp mornings, afternoon showers, and finicky winds. What to wear for the day when you are shifting between heavy weather and bright clear sunshine, all in one day? Well, Drishti wants to help you tune-in and get your closet ready for the ride!

layersA fab array of Drishti-inspired layers on a foggy spring morning.


Dressing for spring is all about layers. And we LOVE layers. Layering is a perfect way to be ready for anything with the added benefit of basically having at least three different looks to transition between throughout your day - how fun is that?!

The great news is that activewear is pretty much made for layering because it offers so much variety in fit, functionality and fabric! Here are a few of our favorite Drishti pieces that layer well together -  to help you seamlessly and fashionably transition throughout your day.



To get you from your chilly morning beach run, to your morning coffee meeting swiftly and stylishly, Joah Brown tees and long sleeves pair perfectly with a fun pair of printed Teeki leggings. (Pictured to the left)




What to do when you really want to get the beach walk in on your hour lunch break but need a quick costume change in between? For the windy spring days, throw on a pair of Beyond Yoga New Strengths Sweat pant (pictured to the right).



End of the day dilemma: That post-work yoga class is a must-do, but you need to be at dinner at your favorite local eatery 15 minutes later. Have no fear! - Drishti is here :)  If you are going to a more mellow class, wear the Roll-down Tie-Dye Harem pant by Hardtail made of ultra soft and stretchy fabric with a savvy style that will pass in the studio or the street! For a sweatier class, sport a pair of Beyond Yoga Spacedye leggings that offer a bit of warmth as you are cooling down afterward and can be dressed right up with a pair of boots. After class, (depending on the temp outside) throw the Easy Livin Dress and take a breather - you earned it!

Happy almost Spring guys!

xxxo  -Drishti