June 01, 2018

Our summer color crush is a fun and flirty hue that perhaps you have even eschewed til now... light, lovely peach. Hear us out! If you have a warm skin tone, try a deep, rich peach color to bring out your inner glow. For cooler or fairer skin tones, this color can also flatter in its lighter shades. Peach on olive skin makes you look more tan, and peach on fairer skin can highlight your eyes or your hair color. It's not a one-size fits all, but we're certain that there is a peach tone that will work for you!

Below are our four favorite peach-themed looks that pack a punch. All of these pieces are made in the US from ultra-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric by great brands. They can go with you anywhere, all summer long.

The Rhythm Dress by Joah Brown in Apricot

The Track Legging by Onzie in Peach / Slate Combo

Undulate Legging by Nux in Tigerlily

Beyond Yoga Travel Lightweight Racer in Rainwash-Pink Shell Spacedye