October 11, 2015

Here at Drishti, the past few months have been a crazy busy (and fun!) time filled with lots of activity and change. Some will attribute this high energy and time of big transitions to recent astrological events, ie. the lunar eclipse / super moon / blood moon that occurred at the end of September. Wasn't it amazing?

So, in the spirit of cycles of change and new beginnings, we present to you some moon-themed outfit inspirations. We are just a little obsessed... kinda like how you get when the moon is full. ;) Check them out, and let us know what you think!

moonflatlay copy

The Purple Moon Mermaid Tank by Teeki (1) is a cute crop top that makes a great fashion statement and workout staple. Pair it with the awesome new Luna Graphic Legging by Onzie (2) - moons on top AND on bottom? Why not? :) We've also been sporting our Nama Moon Tank Tops by Onzie (4) lately. The dark charcoal grey and looser fit makes it a go-to in our wardrobe. We especially love it with these super cool, gothic-looking Moon Flower printed leggings by Teeki (5). Lastly, we're quite partial to wearing our Drishti Crescent Moon Necklace (3) - but we may be a little biased, hehh.

We are forever in love with the original Moon Dance Hot Pant by Teeki (the moon cycles are printed on the back). For the top half of your outfit, stop by our Santa Barbara boutique for this super cute mint crop top by Grizzy Love, and an Alchemillia moon-themed necklace!
moonchildFor those of you who still can't get enough of the moon... show off your free-spirited side in this darling Moon Child tee from our fun and fresh NEW line, Yoga Rx! Doesn't it look amazing on our beautiful boutique employee, Maddy?















Thanks for checking out our picks for the season, guys! And don't forget to get out there and howl at the moon... once in a while!