February 17, 2016

Drishti was founded by yogis, for yogis. Throughout the 14 years that we have been open, Drishti has become part of an active lifestyle community that is passionate about yoga and so much more! Drishti clothes are meant to be worn for all different types of activity and to help you lead a dynamic lifestyle. More than anything, we hope our clothing helps support a healthy life full of MOVEMENT! Moving our bodies regularly throughout the day is important for overall wellness and balance. Taking some fantastic tips from one of our favorite biomechanist gurus, Katy Bowman, let's look at some new thoughts about biomechanics and exercise that are rocking our world.

movement all day

According to Katy Bowman, biomechanist and the author of "Don't Just Sit There," a work-life wellness guide, the worst thing we can do for our bodies is sit most of the day... and the best thing we can do is move all throughout our day! The idea is summed up well in Bowman's tagline on her website: "You are how you move." We love that!

Bowman points out that the exercise pattern for many of us is: drive to the gym, workout hard for an our or so, then sit on our butts for much of the rest of the day (be that in the car, at a desk, or on the couch.) She advocates that instead of focusing solely on that one hour that we "work out," we should instead incorporate movement variety all throughout our day.

Simple things like short calf stretches or back stretches at your desk, short brisk walks in between meetings, and finding reasons to have to lift, carry and reach for things in your daily life, all go a long way. All of these are examples of simple but effective forms of movement that are actually easy to forget to do. Many of us have to intentionally create a less sedentary lifestyle that at first may need to be scheduled, but eventually will become more of a natural flow throughout our day. After all, moving often and in various ways is what our bodies are made to do!.

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There is also a lot to be said for actually enjoying moving and exercising. The things we do for physical activity should be fun and enjoyable. The body is meant to be moved and used and the more we enjoy doing so, the more likely we are to do it!

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We found a great article in Good Housekeeping that talks about Bowman's work and how she has structured her lifestyle and her home to incorporate ample daily movement. Our homes, cars and built environment are so set up for ease and convenience, that they can actually reinforce a sedentary lifestyle.

Walking barefoot frequently is another habit that Bowman strongly encourages for improved biomechanics and posture. Shoes are definitely necessary, but they also provide an artificial surface for our feet that can inhibit optimal biomechanics.


For example: Bowman points out that narrow toe-boxes reduce the use of the muscles that facilitate the widening of the toes away from each other. Heels on a shoe change the ranges of motion your body experiences at the ankles, knees, and hips. When we walk around barefoot, our whole bodies benefit because many of the small muscles and tendons in our feet get utilized.

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Some of the ways we can incorporate more movement into our days are really simple and logical. For example, walk or ride a bike whenever you can."I realized that you can't offset a diet of candy bars with kale salad, and you can't counter being sedentary all day with exercise." This statement pretty much sums up her theory anecdotally.

For more on Katie Bowman, visit her website! Also check out Drishti owner Jenni Rawling's website who has a ton of great info on yoga and body mechanics. She is also a big fan of Katy's. :) Welcome to the club, guys!

xxxo  -Drishti

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