December 06, 2014

We know meditation is hard, but everyone wants to enjoy that bliss that comes with a few moments of mindfulness.    Here are some great props that we love.  They won’t catapult you to Nirvana, but they might help you start your journey!

Meditation Bench

Meditation bench:If you have a hard time meditating with crossed legs, a meditation bench might be for you.  It allows you to sit in a traditional kneeling posture with your feet tucked underneath you.  Benches with a forward sloping seat also keep the body in alignment.  Say goodbye to aching knees!

Drishti Silk Zafu

Zafu:A comfy traditional meditation cushion can make all the difference.  These cushions will elevate your hips and conform to the shape of your sitting bones.  We love silky ones in bright colors (-:

Drishti Silk Zabuton

Zabuton:Resting your legs and feet on one of these big square cushions is way more appealing than resting them on the floor!  They go well with a zafu in the middle.  A cozy zabuton always makes us feel like we're on a little bliss island even if we're still in our living room!


Tibetan Bowls:The calming sounds from these beautiful bowls can help invoke a state of relaxation.  Try striking them in different places and see how the vibrations change.  The reverberations will clear the space around you and focus your mind.

soy candle brain stamp

Candles:  It seems so obvious but the best and easiest meditation tool is a simple candle! Light a candle in a dark room.  Clear your mind.  Watch the flame.   See where it takes you.