February 18, 2016

Om Shanti Clothing is one of Drishti's top sellers for printed leggings. Printed legging fans love them for their vibrant colors and ultra-unique prints. And guess what?! Drishti just got a handful of the latest Om Shanti prints in store and online, and we are SO stoked to share them with you! Check out three of our fave picks from the newest Om Shanti Power Pant collection and decide which of these amazing prints you dig most!

Megan and Michelle twinning in the psychedelic Rainbow Leopard legging + sleeveless crop top by Onzie. :)


Made from durable quick-drying material, Om Shanti's Printed Power Pants put a little jazzy pep in your step to give your practice and your life some extra color. Their higher waist also make them great for yoga practice, dance, and Pilates... not to mention that high-waist is just IN right now! You could easily rock them on the street with a crop top or a breezy top to show off the groovy high-waist cut that we just adore. We chose three of our new prints to share with you (and we always love an excuse to do a little photo shoot with our Drishti girls!)


Michelle_crow_Bird of Paradise

#1  The ultra-gorgeous Birds of Paradise Power Pant (featured to the left) is for the nature-loving-jungle-island hopper in us all. Prints like this are why we gotta give props to Om Shanti for their creativity!

Megan in Boutquet - Om Shanti



#2  The Alluring Bouquet Power Pant (featured to the right) that must be THE most alluring bouquet we've ever seen. Bright graphic flowers offset by black and white geometric patters - these are a must have, yogis!




close up Om Shanti NewGirls pose - om shanti


#3  Ok ladies, this is print is definitely next level: The Rainbow Leopard Power Pant (featured below) channels the inner psychedelic leopard goddess in us all (!!!) It's a real twist on the tried-and-true animal print leggings... and we are into it!


Girls in Leopard 2Michelle handstandIf you aren't on the Om Shanti train yet, time to hop on, guys! These are just three of the new prints we have in-store and online, but there is more where this came from!


The best part about them, is that they make doing handstands WAY easier!  ...Just kidding ;) But they ARE super great to practice in and wear out and about. These are your new statement pants!


Happy Power Pant shopping, yogis!

xxxo - Drishti