May 15, 2016

There are so many good fitness programs in Santa Barbara that the hardest part of living here is choosing WHICH fitness program to try. We have yoga, Pilates, gyms, outdoor classes, barre, dance, martial arts, and much more! But with budget limitations, this often means that we have to decide between them all, because many of these programs have monthly memberships or relatively high single class prices. So, for all the fitness junkies, there is something new to Santa Barbara that might rock your world. It offers something that many programs don't: variety and balance (which your body and mind love).

One new fitness program has come up with a fabulous new idea: Combining the best of all the different class options in Santa Barbara into one program, for one set price. This new fitness program is called 5 WAYFIT and we are loving it!

It would be pretty hard to get bored with this fitness program...

Instead of the same kind of workout every day, this program has partnered with multiple fitness class offerings in town. This enables its members to pick from 6 different types of fitness classes daily, with more to be added as the program expands. Classes currently offered are: Cardio Kickboxing, Cycle 5 (a cycling class similar to Spin), yoga, The Dailey Method (similar to barre classes), boxing with bags, and Sweat Outdoors (a bootcamp-style outdoor group fitness class).

Our bodies like variety. Varying the types of movement we do is good for our bodies and helps out minds stay engaged and excited about our fitness routines. 5 WAYFIT also leaves it up to you to choose which classes you do and when. Maybe one day you want an intense, high-impact class (kickboxing perhaps?) and the next day you want more of a strength focus with The Dailey Method (barre class). When you're having a mellower day, perhaps you could take an evening yoga class. All these are options with 5 WAYFIT - for one set price -  which is what makes it so great.

If you are looking for something new and something that will basically continue to feel new for a while - check out 5 WAYFIT because it just might be your jam!

xxxo  -Drishti