September 24, 2015

The popular interest in spirituality spawned in the 60's, and is now undergoing yet another Renaissance. Today, it influences every aspect of our lives - from the way we view community, health and wealth, to the way we do business.

Photo Credit: Bettina NortonPhoto Credit: Bettina Norton


People now expect brands to help better the planet, their lives, and their communities - a tall order indeed! This paradigm shift reflects a new wave of spirituality that emphasizes consideration for other human beings and nature. 

This level of responsibility is not only becoming increasingly possible for companies to achieve, but is also becoming the only way to truly compete in a given industry. We think that this added pressure to be AWESOME in all ways is a GREAT thing for businesses because it encourages social responsibility, environmental sustainability and forward-thinking business models.

At Drishti, we continually strive to make our community and our earth better, one small step at a time.

Supporting Local

The desire to shop and produce locally comes from and understanding that traditional industrial practices destroy communities, natural environments and local economies. At Drishti we strive to order from local, small brands and artisans - be that our jewelry lines, like MakePeace Jewelry, based in Thousand Oaks; our handmade Glint Candles which started right here in Santa Barbara; US-made brands like Om Shanti, Beyond Yoga and Hard Tail; or local favorite, Joah Brown, based out of Carpenteria, CA.


Eco-Friendly Fabrics

We love seeing those who strive to make changes that support eco-friendly practices. We love that Teeki's pants are made from recycled plastic bottles, and Om Girl uses organic cottons.

As individuals become more aware of the need to preserve our natural resources, we can hope to see an increase in eco-conscious production methods and consumer behaviors. These just might be consequences of each individual's commitment to their own spiritual practice. As people wake up and become more compassionate and more aware of our collective needs, every aspect of life gets reconsidered and revamped. We are happy to be part of this awakening, and hope to encourage more brands and companies to do the same!