December 13, 2015

We all feel the heightened energy of the holidays as they kick in to full gear. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle-bustle of planning, spending and consuming. Yet the holidays are meant to be a time of gratitude, rest and celebration - a time to commune with friends and family and appreciate one another. So, how can we keep our cool and still keep up with all the fun? Here are some tips for making your holiday season enjoyable and low stress. Let this be a time for peace, love, and rejuvenation!

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This time of year can easily become hectic and stressful. Whether it be the financial stress of gift buying, keeping up with social obligations, extra traveling, or seeing distant family  - there are many things to juggle and consider during this time of year.

In the yogi spirit of keeping it cool under stress, accepting what is, and nourishing the mind/body/spirit, here are a few ideas to consider for helping you stay focused on what really matter most to you and your loved ones.

christmas cookies

1)  Be deliberate with your Cash.

Avoid getting taken by the tide of consumerism. A great gift can really add to someone's life (and if you need some ideas, here are some fab gifts for Her or Him!), but it's also important to be mindful. Spending money is no substitute for just showing up with an open heart, attention, and loving-kindness. And if you end up spend so much that you feel depleted or stressed, how can you give your best to your friends and family?

2) Be deliberate with your attention and energy

There are many things that can pull us in various directions during the holidays, with the potential to leave us feeling spread thin or distracted. Decide which things to say YES to and which to say NO to, and stick to them. If you want to give the greatest gift, which is your attention and love, then make some clear choices about which of the many parties, people, etc. you will give your attention to.

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3) Take it easy.

Use those extra days off to really let yourself rest. This may or may not be possible - say, if you have an epic vacation planned that is full of activity. But if you can, let the shorter days and cooler weather pull you inward and give yourself a bit of that winter hibernation R&R, in whatever way that feels best for you.

4)  Make nourishing healthy food for friends and family!

healthy xmas treats

Whether bringing a dish to a holiday party, or giving yummies as gifts, why not make them healthy and nourishing? There are so many ways to make sweet foods healthier, too - like superfood sweets such as those pictured above. (For a great recipe for superfood balls that you can easily modify to make more festive, check out this recipe from the Drishti Recipes archive. Or, give the gift of superfood wellness, with handcrafted tonics and herbal supplements - here is a great place to start your superfood gift search.)

Happiest of Holidays everyone! Wishing you Peace, Health and Joy this Season!

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