March 13, 2016

Our bodies. They are the vessels that carry us through life. Most of us spend a lot of time  thinking about caring for and also obsessing over our bodies. Our world today is filled with countless opportunities for both improving and criticizing our bodies. The overarching message seems to be that our bodies are never quite good enough.

Especially women's bodies..

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One of our Drishti blog contributors, Chantal, has spent a lot of time thinking about BodyLove in our culture. From her own journey of embracing self-love and self-acceptance has come the awareness that learning to love our bodies is a struggle most women share - women of all shapes, sizes and ages.The fact that so many women feel this way to varying degrees tells you that this is not something natural, rather it is learned and absorbed from society and other women around us. Chantal created The BodyLove Project to help start a conversation and bring women together to make change - both in their own minds and hearts, as well as society at large.

The Big Picture: WHY is it so important for women to love, care for and enjoy their bodies?

Shaming and criticizing our bodies cuts us off from experiencing the full pleasure and the power of being in our bodies and the ability to express ourselves and our gifts to the world. When we embrace BodyLove, we free up infinite amounts of potential, creativity, power and energy for DOING and CREATING in life. We are then free to express ourselves and make and impact in life and on others – which is why we are all here!

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The BodyLove Project's first event, hosted at The Narrative Loft, was a film screening of the film, "Miss Representation" which discussed the sexualization and commodification of women’s bodies in the media. The film drew a connection between this hyper-sexualization of women and its effects on self confidence and, further, the dearth of women in positions of power in America.


The second BodyLove Project event was a workshop in downtown Santa Barbara about self love and holistic nutrition called REAL TALK. It was a great success and propelled the group to host a second workshop in which they could go into more depth and allow for greater interaction with workshop participants.



The BodyLove project is now gearing up for its 2nd BodyLove workshop with "REAL TAlK: The Pleasure Series." This workshop is designed to allow the group to dive deeper into the conversation about BodyLove, self-empowerment and what it means to truly accept our bodies, ourselves.

The focus of this workshop is to reconnect with the things that give us true pleasure, using these as tools for connection and enjoying life -as we ARE, and as it IS. Learning to continually open up to more pleasure in life helps us experience the body as a vessel for joy and celebration, rather than an object to be controlled. The ability to experience true pleasure on a daily basis has huge implications for our health and well being. This workshop will cover a wide range of topics from neuroplasticity to tantric energy cultivation and the deep value of sisterhood.  When we live this way, suddenly the body transforms from a thing to simply decorate or hide, or manipulate to get attention from others.

Pleasure series flyer 2_less copyWe support this project and invite you all to check out more about The BodyLove Project's upcoming workshop less than a week away, hosted again at Divinitree Yoga Studio in downtown Santa Barbara on March 19th and 20th from 1-4pm each day. Help create the new story for women and our collective stand for BodyLove.

xxxo -Drishti