April 10, 2016

appy Monday, everybody!

As you may know, Drishti's owner Jenni Rawlings is also a fantastic yoga teacher and lifelong student of the body. Recently, she wrote an article for Yoga International about the Science of Pain. We found it super enlightening and informative, and we wanted to make sure to share it with you!


The jist of the article is that pain does not always originate from tissue damage or injury - pain is created in the brain, and it may or may not be related to actual tissue damage in the body. When you think about pain in this new way, doesn't it cause you to relate to pain differently? WHOA.

For more from Jenni, be sure to check out her online yoga classes, read her blog, and... sign up for her first ever yoga and self-care retreat with Emily K Benaron in Ojai this fall! WHAAT? We're so excited! We'll definitely be there.

xoxo Drishti