Yoga Studios of Santa Barbara

January 20, 2015

For local yogis who want to expand their practices, or visitors who need a reprieve on the mat while exploring our lovely town, here is a useful list of studios in Santa Barbara.

 Yoga Soup


Where: 28 Parker Way

Why We Love It: Yoga Soup is one of the original and most beloved studios of SB. It often offers more than 10 classes a day. The atmosphere is cozy and convivial, and the studio boasts the best Savasana in town with an actual casket in their cavernous reception space. Fresh farmers market orange slices and carrots await when you emerge from class, and often hot cider too.

Teacher to Try: Eddie Ellner’s much loved Yoga Soup classes are a fun amalgamation of down dogging, sporadic dancing, and existential exploration. You will often hear Eddie imploring you to “Let your breath and your body fall in love with one another.”

Class prices: $20 drop in / $145 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: for local yogis, 5 classes for $25 (expires in 2 weeks).



Yasa Yoga


Where: 22 West Mission Street

Why We Love It: These incredible yogis taught for several years in another yoga mecca, Arizona, before moving to SB and reappropriating a beautiful historic space that was once Charlie Chaplin’s primary film studio! The space is serene and has the feel of a sanctuary.

Teacher to Try: Ryan and Stephanie Besler both have an incredible grasp on the precision of the practice. They will perfect your poses in a way you didn’t know to be possible. For a huge challenge (and a resulting six-pack) try Ryan’s Core Fusion class.

Class Prices: $16 drop in / $125 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: $30 two weeks unlimited.





Where: 25 East De La Guerra Street

Why We Love It: The women of DiviniTree recently brought a vibrant and expansive yoga community to Santa Barbara. Their studios are decorated with colorful murals from which Shiva watches over your practice. When you get out of class try a nutrition packed smoothie at DiviniTree’s Kotuku Elixir Bar.

Teacher to Try: Our very own Rachel Wilkins teaches a challenging and invigorating Vinyasa flow class that will leave you both sweaty and serene.

Class Prices: $15 Drop In / $135 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special:Two weeks unlimited for $20 (subject to change).



Core Power Yoga


Where: 1129 State Street

Why We Love It: Core Power came, saw and conquered Santa Barbara. This place will seriously kick your butt and leave you anxious to return. The studio is beautiful, clean, and two of the walls of each studio are mirrored so that you can check your alignment and see if your warrior two really looks like a warrior two. Their classes are one hour so this is a perfect spot for a lunch-time yoga fix, and they have showers so you can return to work without anyone knowing the better.

Teacher to Try: Cara both helps run the studio and teaches a super strenuous Core Power 2 class. This means lots of movement, lots of awesome music, and a lovely post-yoga high.

Class Prices: $23 drop in / $155 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: First week free.



Better Days

better days copy

Where: 7433 Hollister Ave (Goleta)

Why We Love It: So this is a cheat since the studio is actually in Goleta, but we had to include it because they provide a valuable but little-known service to Santa Barbara: Aerial Yoga! If you want to fly, give it a try here.

Teacher to Try: Natalie Sampila teaches wonderful aerial yoga classes and teaches a Flying Monkey Kids Yoga class so that you’re kids can fly too!

Class Prices: $16 drop in ($18 drop in Aerial) / $70 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: Two week unlimited $35 ($45 with Aerial).





Where: 1213 State Stree, Suite L

Why We Love It: RussaYog is a unique technique that utilizes ropes to enhance your practice and help the practitioner to target specific muscles.

Teacher to Try: In addition to being one of the founders of Russayog, Teresa Singh has been a mental health practitioner, and her combined expertise results in a wholesome and healing class.

Class Prices: $13 drop in / $50 monthly unlimited




Iyengar Yoga Studio


Where: 2718 De La Vina Street

Why We Love It: As per it’s name, this studio is entirely dedicated to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar. For the serious Iyengar practitioner, this is the place to go. Through the use of props and ropes and the help of skilled instructors, Iyengar yogis learn to achieve alignment in each asana.

Teacher to Try: Like all certified Iyengar instructors, Richard McLaughlin has years of experience under his belt. You can be sure that you are in the hands of an expert in his classes.

Class Prices: $18 drop in (cash and checks only) / $150 for 10 classes.



Source Yoga


Where: 1911 De La Vina “G”

Why We Love It: Source Yoga is a low-key and soulful community, where you can take calming yoga classes in a relaxed setting.

Teacher to Try: Meredith Brockriede teaches fun and rejuvenating flow classes that use creative sequencing to open the body and calm the mind. She is certified in Vinyasa, Yoga Tuneup, and Therapeutic Yoga, and integrates her wealth of knowledge from these different modalities into her teaching.

Class Prices: $15 drop in / $120 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: 5 classes for $35 (to be used in 1 month).



Santa Barbara Yoga Center

sbyc copy

Where:32 East Micheltorena Street

Why We Love It:Another sacred space in Santa Barbara with light-filled studios that make you feel couched in the sanctity of an old cathedral.

Teacher to Try: Vanessa Bacher is a classicaly trained Iyengar yogi who integrates her knowledge of the Iyengar tradition with a variety of other teachers she has studied with. She teaches Hatha classes grounded in the fundamentals of alignment with a strong dedication to anatomically precise asanas.

Class Prices: $18 drop in / $108 monthly.

New Student Special: $10 for 2 classes (good for one week).



Power of Your Om


Where: 1221 State Street #201

Why We Love It: Energetic classes in a lively colorful studio space. This studio is great for athletic yogis who want to push their boundaries.

Teacher to Try: Adrienne Smith teaches an upbeat and empowering yoga class that definitely encourages students to push their edge. Adrienne is an all-around athlete so she will cater her class to the tight and sore spots you may have from biking / running / climbing.

Class Prices: $18 drop in / $109 monthly with 3 month commitment.

New Student Special: One month unlimited for $45.



Bikram Yoga Santa Barbara


Where: 3891 State Street

Why We Love It: This is classic Bikram: 90 minutes of movement in a 105 degree studio (hell for some, heaven for others). For Bikram aficionados, or soon-to-be aficionados, this is a sweet studio with a friendly staff, three walls of mirrors, and showers for after your practice. The 26 postures that make up Bikram yoga are sequenced with intention and intelligence to awaken and heal the entire body.   This cool studio has also created a one hour modified version of Bikram for yogis on the go.

Teacher to Try: Sarah Jarvie is one dedicated yoga teacher. She has classes every day and has brought her expertise to us from Hawaii.

Class Prices: $20 drop in / $185 monthly unlimited.

New Student Special: 21 days unlimited for $35 (for local yogis).



Mesa Yoga


Where: 1905 Cliff Drive

Why We Love It: This is a beautiful and intimate space for practicing in a semi-heated environment. If you like heated vinyasa flow and want a studio that is small enough to permit individualized attention, this is your spot.

Teacher to Try: Danica Vega is a massage therapist and yoga teacher whose Monday morning flow class is a great way to invigorate the body and start the week.

Class Prices: $18 drop in / $99 unlimited monthly (3 month commitment)

New Student Special: $25 unlimited week (for local yogis).


If you have any comments or questions about where to yoga in our beautiful city, let us know!