May 10, 2016


It is easy to underestimate the power of silence in our busy and often quite loud world. True silence is hard to come by in an urban environment, which is where most of us live. Even the subtle noises of our electronics or passing traffic are registered by our brains, but are so prevalent that we have learned to tune them out. Getting out into nature, far enough from the built environment so that you can experience true SILENCE can help calm the mind and the spirit on a deep level.

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With all of the classes, techniques and retreats available to us today, it is easy to forget how easy and accessible peace of mind can be to achieve. Peace and quiet are not something we must pay for or travel far to find. Although the buzz of the city can be hard to escape if you are in a major metropolitan area, most cities have a large park or nearby foothills to escape to where the sound pollution is significantly reduced.

If you have more time, most cities are no more than a few hours from raw wilderness or nature preserves. Even just a large meadow or coastline will have a calming effect. If you can only get one hour of quiet - great - but a full day out in nature can be a powerful reset for your whole system and can do wonders for your productivity and peace of mind for days and weeks to follow.

Instead of constantly tuning all the background noise out, give yourself the gift of silence and TUNE IN.

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Silence is golden.

xxxo -Drishti